*This is variable by individual project needs and scope

Stage 0.0: What Are We Making?

Client presents idea of what they would like made.

Depending on clarity of request I can give an estimate of cost/budget the project.

Upfront deposit

Stage I: Conceptualizing

Phase 1 — Preliminary Work

(Initial Client Request/Idea) + (Brainstorming + Research + Sketching)

Phase 2 — Making

Choosing Visual Palette (Colors, Fonts, Imagery) + Drawing/Composition

Phase 3 — Review

Quality Check

= First Draft (usually several options)

Stage II: Directing Toward Final Outcome

Phase 3 — Client Feedback

Discuss with client how to move forward to final product

Phase 4 — Adjust Design Work

Make Edits or Changes

Phase 5 — Collaboration

Repeat Phase 3&4 as necessary

Stage III — Delivery:

Project Finished, Hand Over Files

Final Payment


Starting the Project: Upfront deposit

+ Delivery of Final Product: Second installment of final Hourly Cost (+ imbursement for purchase of (agreed upon) materials* needed to complete the project)

*Materials could be the purchase of fonts to make the work or images etc.