I am graphic designer, and sometimes alternatively an artist.

I make intangible ideas take physical (or virtual) form.

I help to embody other people’s voices through line and color and typography.

I am a craftist of words and images and experiences.

The daily constantly moving world is a gallery in it’s own right. Every cereal box, hand soap, and coffee cup are a work. I aim to contribute to that gallery, the art of the everyday world.

Structuring, organizing, synthesizing, categorizing, connecting people, objects, information, and spaces. I consider myself a participant in a field which is a business as much as a venue of cultural production.

Everything we make is influenced by what we believe about the world, by our values, our experiences. I aim for all the things I make to create an impact, with integrity, sincerity, and benevolence. Channeling what’s in me with what’s in the world.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from #1 Public Arts School, Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts with my B.F.A. in Graphic Design.